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Everything is vague to a degree you do not realize till you have tried to make it precise.
  - Bertrand Russell

The SoP in Word. By downloading you agree to compare them to TREC SoP before relying on them.

Industry news. The current real estate depression is wiping out inspectors like flies sitting on a Venus Fly trap. Inspector pricing has dropped to $95 in some markets. Many homes are foreclosures or flips and the only protection the consumer has is your E&O policy. Be careful.


The new Standards are here! So easy to understand even Naven Johnson can be a Professional Inspector

The TREC adopted new Standards. They become effective in February 2009. The TREC Commissioners demanded safety and specificity. Here is what they got.

- The new SoP do not require the inspector to identify anything as hazardous or unsafe. If there is a charred conductor staring you in the face all you have to do is say "conductor at xyz is deficient".

- The old SoP and new SoP use derivatives of the words safe and hazard. Some of the word usage protects the inspector and some protects the consumer. Here is how the old and new SoP compare.

- Old SoP protects inspector 9 times
- New SoP protects inspector 8 times

- Old SoP protects consumer 11 times
- New SoP protects consumer 6 times

- The new SoP significantly reduces inspector liability by stating the inspector is NOT required to designate anything as safe. There is no comment about designating anything as unsafe.

- About 14% off the old SoP wording is disclaimer and limitation language.
- About 26% of the new SoP is disclaimer and limitation language.








FLASH A new and important Inspector Committee opinion is coming.

There have been complaints about Inspector Committee members seizing opportunity to teach continuing education regarding the new standards. One IC member is canvassing the state with a "for profit seminar" before the ink is dry on the new SoP. WOW they saw their opportunity and pursued self promotion and bucks. You have to know that the course was being prepared even before the SoP were adopted. But wait . . . there is always a way for them to soften the controversy. Just have a meeting and approve the behavior. Well on December 15, 2008 the Inspector Committee and TREC is doing just that. Agenda item number 2 discusses if a Committee member can teach a core or continuing education course. You already know the answer to that. Why by golly we cannot deprive the States inspectors from the genius of these people . .  . . . of course it's OK to teach courses . . it protects the public. This one is too easy to call. Members of the inspector committee become opportunist and Chairman Eternal calls a meeting that likely will approve their behavior. Let's wait and see what they do. I know where I placed my bet.

The Commentary is coming, the Commentary is coming.

A past inspector Committee wrote and approved a Standard and planned to support it with a Commentary. General Counsel argued that a Commentary was unenforceable because it was not adopted as a rule. That argument was used to throw out the work of that committee and to reinstall Foster as Chairman Eternal. The Foster / Willcox Committee has passed a new Standard and is now meeting to write a Commentary with the apparent approval of General Counsel! It will be interesting to see how TREC spins this hypocrisy.


Do you have a Standards question? Let PrismRCA submit it for you and we will post the TREC reply for PrismRCA members to see. You will remain anonymous if desired.

A good way to ask a question is keep it short and provide an example photo.

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Cahill has left home inspection?

I heard from the rumor mill that I had left the business. Not really. I am transitioning to insurance adjusting, expert witness work and risk management services. I just did a 7 week insurance adjusting gig in Houston. I intend to remain available to help inspectors with the new SoP.   


Once upon a time an inspector was taken apart in deposition for acting like an engineer. Someone then managed to write a rule in the TREC standards that empowered inspectors to render a "performance opinion" on foundations. With that rule inspector's could now go about acting like an engineer rendering opinions although they had little engineering training. When the rule was modified to remove the "performance opinion" a certain inspector fought furiously and successfully to have it left in place. So now, in the world of pretend engineers, this inspector can state in his reports that he is permitted to render performance opinions on foundations per State rule. Now you know the REAL story about why the SoP were written as they are!

Remember, you too might be empowered to render foundation performance opinions regardless of what the silly Board of Professional Engineers thinks!

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